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Is God Your Best Friend? Part 2

Several years ago, a friend told me, “Gail, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.” It took
a couple of months to get my feet back under me because I was so devastated. Yet, all the while I was praying for God to heal my broken heart and for God to move in her situation, to heal the
brokenness in her. I knew that our outward appearance is the house we live in, but that really
doesn’t tell our full story. It’s on the inside where our story really lies. Through this, I found
that God is the healer of the broken hearted.

I asked all the questions: “What did I do wrong?”, “what did I not do?” I remembered a quote I
love by Alexander Pope: “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” I found myself pondering if
somewhere along this journey of life, perhaps I had unintentionally wounded someone. We all
have those human experiences in which we err. I think about the times I made mistakes because that’s the human in me. How many times have you made mistakes? That’s called BEING HUMAN!

To forgive is divine, which means that only God gives us the strength to forgive, not only
ourselves, but others. How often have we made a mistake, said something wrong, or wounded
someone else and asked for God’s forgiveness and He forgave us? It is our responsibility, our
duty, and our obligation to forgive others. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary to go back in the
same relationship, but there is freedom in forgiving others and ourselves. Remember, God never leaves us to heal on our own. He knows we need Him in all areas of our life.

I have found that a true friend sticks like family through the good times, the bad times, and
everything in between. There are friends who are called into your life forever, and there are
friends who are called into your life for a period of time. Either way, we can learn valuable
lessons from them.

My grandmother used to say, “Life is like eating a chicken, you eat the meat and throw away the
bones.” This means there is something we can learn on this journey called life! One thing my
experiences have taught me is that when there is pain in my life, God is with me in it, and
teaches me through it as He heals the brokenness.

Your brokenness may not come from a friend. Maybe it’s from a neighbor, your children, or
your significant other. It might even be from people you worship with. Whatever the case,
brokenness is brokenness. Your heart feels shattered.

Whatever your situation, allow Jesus to stay on board in your life. Jesus wants to be ever-
present, ever-loving, and ever-ready to help you get your feet back under you. He is your friend
who sticks closer than a brother.

“A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a
brother.” Prov. 18:24 NKJV

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