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The Strength of God’s Grace

Our world tends to value strength. We talk about athletes’ physical strength, our military’s strength, companies’ financial power, and influence of our officeholders. Moreover, we admire strength in those around us who have skills in strategic thinking and executing plans.

The Word of God puts a different twist on the strength of standing when the odds are seemingly against you. The apostle Paul established the church at Corinth, and the foundation of its membership were those who Paul labored with, preached to, prayed for, loved --- and many experienced breakthroughs. Unfortunately, there were those in the Corinthian church who rose to discredit Paul. In every way possible, they attacked his speech, looks, message, and even his Apostleship. They did all this to gain a foothold into his work in order to appear spiritual, to gain popularity, and to profit financially. The entire congregation didnt turn on Paul; however, the numbers were enough to leave him brokenhearted when he left.

As Christians, we often face the scrutiny of others who question our credibility. God said to Paul, My grace is sufficient for thee.... (2 Cor. 12:9a). Grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father given through His Son, Jesus Christ. The word ‘grace’, as used in the scriptures, refers primarily to enabling power and spiritual healing through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ.

It is by God’s grace that we can endure against the pressures of ministry, relationships, marriage, children, work, higher education, or whatever else may cause us pain on our Christian journey. Despite the challenges, God encourages us to draw from His strength. Troubles and difficulties are inevitable, but as believers, we can overcome by Gods Grace.

Charles Spurgeon (1834-92) said: “Grace, in all its forms, He freely renders to His people: comforting, preserving, sanctifying, directing, instructing, assisting grace. He generously pours into their souls without ceasing, and He always will do so, whatever may occur.”