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Fear is a Destiny-Killer Part 1

I love Old Testament stories. They are very interesting because they are so relatable for our modern times. For example, King Saul was a man called of God, anointed, and the first king over God’s people, the Israelites. But fear caused him to lose His God ordained legacy.

1 Sam. 13:5-12 (NIV): “The Philistines assembled to fight Israel with three thousand chariots, six thousand charioteers, and soldiers as numerous as the sand on the seashore. They went up and camped at Mikmash, east of Beth Aven. When the men of Israel saw that their situation was critical and that their army was hard pressed, they hid in caves and thickets, among the rocks, and in pits and cisterns. Some Hebrews even crossed the Jordan to the land of Gad and Gilead. Saul remained at Gilgal, and all the troops with him were quaking with fear. He waited seven days, the time set by Samuel; but Samuel did not come to Gilgal, and Sauls men began to scatter. So, he said, ‘Bring me the burnt offering and the fellowship offerings.’ And Saul offered up the burnt offering. Just as he finished making the offering, Samuel arrived, and Saul went out to greet him. ‘What have you done?’ asked Samuel. Saul replied, ‘When I saw that the men were scattering, and that you did not come at the set time, and that the Philistines were assembling at Mikmash, I thought, Now the Philistines will come down against me at Gilgal, and I have not sought the Lords favor. So, I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering.’”

The dictionary defines fear is as to be afraid of someone or something; a feeling of anxiety and agitation caused by the presence or nearness of danger, evil, pain, etc.; timidity; dread; terror; fright; apprehension. Scripturally, fear is noted as a ‘false evidence appearing real.’ Fear will cause you to make mistakes, and some will be irreparable. If you were to go to a cemetery and look at the tombstones, I imagine there would be myriads laying underground who never accomplished their purpose in life because of a four-letter word called ‘fear’.

I remember years ago watching a sci-fi movie titled Dune. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” Frank Herbert, Dune 

There are so many kinds of fear in the world today, and the only way you can win over fear is to face it and recognize that greater is God in you than he that is in the world. The devil has already been defeated but he doesn’t want you to know it! Acknowledge that you have the victory. Declare the promise of God that “No weapon formed against you will prosper and every tongue that rises up against you in judgment you shall condemn.” (Isa. 54: 17 NKJ) God’s Word requires you to face challenges rather than run from them, knowing that, in Christ, you can do all things (Phil. 4:13 NKJ).