Due to Covid-19 and the announcement from our government officials, all church service gatherings will be postponed till a later date.

What is the Church

This past Sunday was Resurrection Sunday. We had a delicious breakfast and
enjoyed wonderful fellowship with each other. A lot of our saints whom we had
not seen since the COVID-19 started joined us. Church means many things to
many people, and I like to think of church as being a filling-station. We believers
come to release the pressures of last week and be refreshed to go back out to face
the adversity. We leave stronger and better equipped to face whatever the enemy of
our souls throws at us!

This is what Jesus meant when He founded His Church. “And I tell you that you
are Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not
overcome it.” (Matt 16:18 NIV) He gave us perfect examples of how His church
should be in the Gospels when He shared His heart with the disciples. He taught
them of Heaven and God. He gave them lessons on abiding in the Truth so that
nothing would take them by surprise. And He gave them tools for evangelism.

The foundation of the church is built on God’s truth with Jesus being the
cornerstone. Any structural design requires a cornerstone in its foundation or it’s
soon to fall apart. It is so amazing that we as believers are moveable rocks, but
Jesus was talking about a foundational rock, one that would be stationary
throughout all of time. A new-born experience is the foundation of understanding
what it really means to be a Christian. If we fail having a genuine experience with
Christ we will not be able to see and experienc the depth of Salvation,
Regeneration, and the new-birth experience in Christ. (John 3:16-17NIV)

There are times some people think they can call the shots as to who can come into
their church. I would like to ask those people, “Who did you die for or who died
and left you God?” Church should first and foremost be a community of believers
who recognize the necessity of FORGIVENESS. It should never be a place of
exclusiveness, rather inclusivity, accepting new or older members who have fallen
on hard times, to welcome them into a Christ-centered environment through

Joining a church without experiencing God’s saving Grace still leaves your life
empty. I once heard someone say, “Standing in a garage does not make you a car.”
Coming to church is great, but that does not give you access into the family of God
until you repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life as Lord and
Savior. But please, never stop going to church because God knows how to get your
attention. If you are looking for personnel satisfaction, inviting Christ into your life
will bring fulfillment that you have never imagined.