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The Benefit of Being Still

The day after Mother’s Day I had a second knee repair. When the
tube was put down my throat before surgery, one of my vocal cords was
accidentally damaged which caused my voice to become a whisper. The doctors
said it would take two to three weeks before my regular voice comes back as long
as I rest my vocal cords and not talk too much.

It’s amazing when you realize how much you actually talk. I went to rehab after
the surgery for physical therapy on my knee, and, while there, I found out that I
really enjoyed my own company. With such a busy schedule, it felt good and
refreshing to have some quiet downtime. I imagine there are those who don’t enjoy
quiet downtime with themselves, but it can be ever so satisfying and rewarding.

The first time I realized that I could spend quiet time with myself and have fun was
many years ago when my husband and I wanted to go to particular movie. He was
always so busy so I went by myself and I thoroughly enjoyed the “me time.” When
I got home he asked me where I had been. He was quite surprised when I told him
I went to see a movie and enjoyed myself immensely.

Being alone and quiet can be very therapeutic. I’m not encouraging a habit of
isolation, but there those moments when we need down time away from the
constant noise and hustle and bustle of everyday activities. It’s good – mentally,
physically, and spiritually – to do this on a regular basis.

Having those quiet alone times helps you to focus on what is important. It is
necessary for the purpose of clearing your thoughts and gaining God’s perspective
on your vision, family, ministry, and job. Being alone gives you a chance to be still
and listen to God and get new marching orders for His glory. The Scripture even
tells us to “be still and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10). God is saying, “Spend
some quiet time with Me. Listen, focus, and be aware of what I am saying to you.”