Due to Covid-19 and the announcement from our government officials, all church service gatherings will be postponed till a later date.

Taking a Short Break

Greetings! In case you have been wondering about my sporadic blogs, it is time to
bring things out in the open. For several months I have been dealing with some
serious health issues. I had a left hip replacement and left knee repair, and so I have
not really been doing my best. That is the reason I find the need to respect you, my
reader, and take a short leave of absence. By no means is this my way of saying
goodbye. I am going take this time to rest and to continue to heal properly.

I have had a hard time expressing my feelings to you because I was raised in the
old school of ‘no matter what happens, keep moving forward.’ Nothing is
supposed to slow you down. It does not make any difference what state of health
you are in, no matter what emotional state you are in, the program must continue.
But I am not on that page anymore. Even Jesus withdrew for a time to rest and so I
am using this time to rest.
It is my guesstimating that I will be back to writing before the holidays begin. I so
enjoy writing blogs. I enjoy communicating with you. I enjoy listening to God to
see what He would have me to say to you; therefore, there is no way that I could
give this up. So, with that in mind, I will be back on track the first of October.
Until then I will continue praying for you as I always do, and please hold me up in
your prayers as well. I want to give appreciation to Mary Jane Bailey who sends
my blog over to Marcel Wilson who is our awesome IT guy at church.

Blessings to you always, Pastor Gail Mullen.
If you are in the Seattle area, I would like to invite you to visit us at our new
church facility. We are in the Cascade Business Park at 1215 Central Ave. S., Suite
128, Kent, Washington, 98032. Our services are every Sunday at 11:00 AM. Also,
on Wednesday evenings we have a ZOOM Bible Study. If you are interested, you
can sign up by going to our website, victoriouschristian.org, and select
‘Ministries’, then ‘Women’s Bible Study.’