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God Keeps Every One of Your Tears
on October 17th, 2021
We know that when kids play, there is bound to be some conflict or accident. As young mothers, we oftentimes dealt with children coming to us in tears because of something happening with the kids they were playing with. I would embrace them, wipe their tears, and tell them it’s going to be okay. Maybe I would need to clean a wound, then put a bandage on it and they were as good as new. Afterwards,...  Read More
We Are Equipped For The Job
on September 26th, 2021
We used to live in the flight path of the airport, and we could hear planes coming and going. They would stop landing and taking off at midnight and start back at four in the morning. Sometimes, as I listened to the planes flying overhead, I would think about my tenure at the Boeing company. I made interior parts for the 747 and 777 Boeing planes which consisted of three million parts. Boeing equi...  Read More
Finishing the Course
on September 19th, 2021
As many of you may know, my beloved mother transitioned to Heaven in June of this year. My mother and I were very close, and I felt an emptiness that I thought only she could fill. Of course, I knew that it was my grief thinking, and that the Lord was close and ready to fill that empty void in my soul. I was reminded of a song I heard years ago titled “Bread of Heaven”. “Come and fill this longing...  Read More
Example of Love
on September 12th, 2021
My mother had a love for each of her children that only could compare with thelove that God had put in her heart. It was endless. Her love gave us a glimpse ofwhat love looked like. God’s love goes far beyond anything that we could think orimagine, especially giving His Son Jesus to die for unworthy mankind.My husband and I recently traveled to Chicago celebrate our son receiving adegree from a hi...  Read More
God Will Carry You Through It All
on September 5th, 2021
My mother had a very challenging homelife which led up to her teen pregnancy. Iwas born during her teen years, so we grew up together. I can say that without anyhesitation my mother’s family line are all deceased, and she buried them all; shewas the last of her family line. When I was on the mission field with our church atthat time, my mother and I would correspond through the mail and oftentimes...  Read More
Shake It Off
on August 29th, 2021
As I am sitting here looking at a white screen on my computer and thinking about what to write about today, I hear the voice of a little imp say to me, “You don’t have anything to say today, just forget it and go fold clothes!”  First of all, folding clothes is not one of my favorite tasks to do, even though it needs to always be done. As I’m looking at the blank screen, my mind goes to an old sto...  Read More